JSY Latex Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is located in the world's first professional rubber industrial estate - Lisheng Rubber Industrial estate in SanatangTown, Rayong Province, Thailand, covering 70 the development and production of natural latex products, the main products are natural latex cotton, natural latex pillows, natural latex mattresses and other natural latex products.
Materials are made from local high-quality and fresh milk collagen. The production and processing are all performed in Thailand.The entire process from ingredients to production is automated, ensuring the quality of the product. Andpure natural performance, while greatly improving the production capacity and delivery speed


Why Choose Us
  • Origin Thailand natural latex
  • Own 50000 acres rubber plantation
  • Quality of raw material is guarantee
  • International standard production and quality control system
  • Advanced production equipment and first-class R&D team
  • Cooperation with dozens of international bedding brands worldwide

JSY vision is to create an international brand based on quality products and a strong management system. The brand is the engine to drive thailand rubber to the world through its bedding products. As consumers become more conscious of environmental and health issues, the need for products made from natural resources had been strengtened.

JSY is widely received in the international market as the designs of its products are contemporary and stylish and the quality conforms to international specifications and tests. It has received accreditations from ECO and as a member of ISPA. Continuous research and development has been the key to the growth and success of the brand.

A set of guiding principles guide the Jsy and staff in its daily operations. Innovation and the commitment to quality are important factors in ensuring that the brand maintains pole position in the competitive bedding industry. This is a ided by a team of dedicated staff who provide superior customer service to its customers.

As the materials used in the bedding products are from nature, JSY is conscious of the need to protect the environment for the brand’s future growth. It promotes best manufacturing practices to ensure that the environment is maintained and complies with all the regulations set forth by the authorities.

Certificate from German