Our commitment to providing customers with a better night’s sleep is extraordinary in the industry.

We have spent years to conduct the material researches and sleeping comfortability on different types of pillows: Cotton, Memory foam and Natural Latex foam. While cotton and memory foam pillows are the most traditional and famous sleeping tools we have, natural latex foam pillow would be simply the best sleep surface there is.



Our Products

At Mr. Pillow Global, our products are exclusive and consist of top brands and innovative technologies that provide a better night’s sleep.

As Southeast Asian is the famous region producing the latex products, Thailand produces the best latex products among all other countries. We went directly to latex farms in Thailand and formed sustainable relationships.

Since we are only dedicated to sleeping pillows, all the products we carry are the most professional and with the best quality.


Our Price

Natural latex is derived from the sap, which is harvested from the Hevea tree plants. Due to such special material and complicate producing procedures, natural latex foam pillows are at the higher cost for the manufactures comparing to all other types of pillows and therefore, the current market would have a higher markup to our consumers.

Instead of re-branding the products, Mr. Pillow Global helps the manufactures to directly promote their brand name awareness across the world. Therefore, we proudly distribute all of their products at the best prices as they can. We are constantly working to make their products as accessible as possible, while still maintaining extremely high-quality standards.


Our Services

While Mr. Pillow Global is working hard to offer the best sleeping pillows, we provide our excellent customer service to each of our consumers at the same time.

No matter you online chat with us or send us an email regarding any issues you have on or after purchased, our service experts would definitely give you the best answers with happy ending.

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Latex Brief Intro.

Latex is a substance derived from the sap of rubber tree plants. It can be processed using two different methods: the Dunlop method, which results in denser, layered latex; and the Talalay method, which results in fluffier, more homogeneous latex. Latex is a popular pillow material because it conforms closely to the sleeper’s neck and shoulders to alleviate pressure points, much like memory foam, but it is also highly durable; the expected lifespan of most latex pillows span at least four to five years. Latex also sleeps cooler than most foams.

A wide range of Dunlop and Talalay latex pillows are available to today’s shoppers. These include one-piece models that may or may not be ventilated, as well as shredded latex pillows that offer adjustable loft (or thickness). Price-points are higher for latex pillows than models made from other materials, but in exchange they tend to be more durable and supportive.