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Based on 99 reviews

Amazing, really good pillow.

Great value product

Nice quality latex pillow. Comfortable

worth every penny

very comfortable. happy with the purchase.

Lots filling

I have to take out lots of filling. After that, it's comfortable for kids

Give it an adjusted

It has much filling inside. I took some out and now it's very comfortable. I get into sleep very soon with this pillow.

Not bad

Nice quality sleeping pillow. I prefer the pillow a little bit hard so there one is suitable for myself.

Decent quality

Super comfortable pillow. This one is soft enough but definitely supportive to my neck. I feel my neck and head relaxing really good at this pillow. Great latex pillows.

Good latex pillow

Happy with it, pillow is quality made. It is heavy

Fluffy pillow, worth for buying

It's soft, supportive. After comparing lots and lots pillows, I decided to give it a try. First time of using latex pillow, I am surprised that it is actually so comfortable. It fits me very well and my neck gets much relax for every night’s sleep. It’s really amazing for such sleeping material. Totally worthy to pay a few dollars more.

Comfortable pillow

Very fast shipping! Received in 2 days. Pillow is heavy. It is a shredded latex one and it's super comfortable. Great value of it!

Soft enough

Very like it. It's soft and resilient. Good for the value.

Wait a bit longer to receive

Have been waiting sometimes for receiving the product. It is large enough. Not bad. High supportive pillow. The odor is natural (if it is chemical stink you will notify right the way) . It seems a quality pillow that can last.

Not bad

Comfortable and support

It is medium firm

A large pillow with a very nice packing. Overall it's pretty well. So far it's very comfortable and I will keep updates after weeks.

Very comfortable and definitely worth it

This is my first latex pillow, however, it is very comfortable. It's soft feeling, cool flow material that supports my head really well. It is definitely worth for the money.

It's comfortable

This has a soft touching feeling and it's very comfortable. But it's a bit pricey.

Very good pillow

It has lots filling. Great quality. Very satisfied!

Neck support

I am a picky person but when I start to love it, I would love it very much. After opening this pillow package, I felt this pillow must be too much filling and it looks high/puffy to me. However, After trying to sleep with it, I shut my mouth. This pillow is so comfortable and in the meanwhile it does provide the best supportive function to me. It gives me the neck support I need. My first impression to me is that this pillow is not suitable to me. But in reality, it is not what I thought. This pillow is amazing.

It's not easy to find a comfortable pillow for you but this is the one

This shredded pillow is dense. It's puffy and heavier than other regular pillows. If you did not own a shredded pillow before, I would highly recommend you to have one. I believe shredded pillow would have a better structure to hold your head position during the sleeping night. Plus, the feature of latex material, it offers us a better supporting and a much longer time of usage. This shredded latex pillow from Mr. Pillow indeed is a great choice for us.

That’s the one I want.

This is a good, comfortable pillow with good neck support. When it came out the package, it has a little bit of latex favor smell. It is the natural odor as you can tell and I haven’t smelled such scent for a long time. I do think this is from the mother of nature. I’ll never go back to the awful memory foam. This one is really worth the price!

Huh, the quality is good and it’s definitely a Thailand product

I made my decision because the advertisement stated that the pillow was made in Thailand. Product came and I am really happy with it. The quality is really good. Package is beautiful. After unpacked, the pillow expended its original shape. Inspecting every single detail of it, I could say it’s perfect.

Very interesting pillow

The pimples of this pillow are soft. You won’t feel it in sleep. Sleeping on this pillow really feels more comfortable than on a conventional pillow. It’s perfect for me that the high side pillow is for side sleeping, while the low side is for back sleeping.

As suggested, get adjusted

It came out too high for me. Therefore, I made my adjustment. It was kind of messing up but it worth for the work. This pillow is very comfort after you made the height you want. Other than the mess, everything is perfect.

Pillow is great and it's definitely worth it.

I like it! It's super comfortable. There is the natural latex scent and it has been so long that I haven't had such feeling. It is definitely a good product.

Love it!

It's soft enough. I like such pillow that provides a good support. Very comfortable