Best Latex Pillows: Cooling, Responsive Support

Soft, bouncy, responsive, and healthy are all words used to describe latex pillows. There are many different types of fills available for nighttime sleep pillow support, but solid latex cores are gaining in popularity due to its long-lasting, cooling comfort.

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Your sleep position and comfort is highly influenced by the support your pillow lends to your body position. Latex has become a popular foam product in the sleep industry to lend a highly responsive and supportive head and neck comfort. You should be aware of how your sleep products influence your sleep positions, and which pillows are best for each.

Your head and neck need to be held in alignment with the rest of your spine. Your head should lay level through the night no matter which position you sleep within, and your neck should be able to rest on a surface that fills the space between your head and shoulders. 


Sleep Position and Pillow Comfort

You fall into a natural sleep position each night and can influence your overall comfort through choosing the correct pillow. The most important details to remember is to choose a pillow that is going to allow for proper cervical alignment. When you do so, you are less likely to wake due to discomfort. This is better for your natural sleep cycle and allows for a healthier rest.

— Back Sleep Position Needs

Thin pillows support the head on a level position with the spine when sleeping on your back. It is important to keep the head from falling too far back but also keep it from being lifted too high. Particular attention should be paid to keeping enough support under the neck as well to allow true soft tissue relaxation.


— Side Sleep Position Needs

Side sleepers need the thicker pillows that allow for the head to be held higher and level with the spine. It also needs to be able to provide enough fill to fill the space between your head and shoulders.


— Stomach Sleep Position Needs

Stomach sleepers are better off with a thin, soft pillow or no pillow at all. The spine will always be slightly compromised in this position due to the turning of the head and neck- so allowing a level of a surface as possible is the best choice.


Why Would I Want a Latex Pillow?

Latex is known for being highly responsive and contouring, but it provides instant bounce back rather than a sink like other foam structures may do. Latex is also long lasting and very durable. It does not break down and permanently compress easily, and it should last much longer than other similar products. The hypoallergenic properties, antimicrobial, dust mite, and mold resistance makes it a popular choice for allergy sufferers.

Although natural latex is considered the better choice for this, many market brands claim that their products are made from natural latex resource. With all due respect, Mr. Pillow would focus on the manufactures which obtain the certificates such as ECO-Institut, LGA, ISPA and so on to ensure that our latex pillows are the most health agreeable and quality made products to our consumers.